[Pokemon Sun and Moon] Brock and Misty New Kanto Preview Trailer! Jigglypuff’s Back! (Anime Episodes 42 & 43)

Brock and Misty New Kanto Preview Trailer! Jigglypuff's Back! (Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episodes 42 & 43)

The Brock and Misty hype is real! Jigglypuff has returned to the series?! Brock and Misty's slapstick comedy? And ALL of Ash's Alolan boys/girls are going?? 7 of Ash's companions in 1 place?? Flashbacks?? And all that top of Mega Gyarados and Mega Steelix?? I'm hyped - the SM series is better than ever! 🙌

I normally don't upload previews, but THIS is an exception - if I'm going to upload a discussion of some sort then I intend to keep this audio/video separate 👍

Now let's just hope Ash sees more than just his Kanto Pokemon - they did show Larvitar so there's hope but I'm still a little worried. There was also Misty pouting in that flashback could be a potential Pokeshipping/Ash and Misty/Ash x Misty moment XD (and no Amourshipping/Amourshippers, I'm not saying you are in danger lol. The only thing that's in danger is the idea of Sun and Moon being a reboot XD)

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