Here’s How To Fix Pokémon GO’s Mostly Empty Non-Legendary Raids

September 15, 2017

Legendary raids are all the rage in Pokémon GO these days, but there are other raids that still exist, ones that have been around since earlier in the summer and have largely been left by the wayside after those first initial weeks.

I’m talking about the large pool of non-Legendary raidsthat are four tiers spanning all manner of boss Pokémon from Tyranitar to Alakazam to Magikarp.

While all tier 1 raids and a decent number of tier 2 raids can be solo-ed relatively easily, once you get to tiers 3 and 4, things become much tougher. There’s a thread right now on The Silph Road about a guy trying to solo as many tier 3s as he can with a specialized team of lower-level Pokémon, but the fact remains that almost everyone else can’t do that.

What’s happened now is that unless you’re in the hottest Pokémon GO zone on the planet, these raids are almost empty all the time, making tier 3s and 4s impossible to complete. Everyone is saving their free raid passes for legendaries, so no one is going after these other raids, and if they are, it’s unlikely enough people are doing that to form a cohesive group to take down a boss the vast majority of the time.

One obvious solution would be to just…change the bosses in rotation. I think it’s bizarre we’ve had the exact same bosses for months now, the only exception being the brief exposure to new raid bosses in a local event in Japan. That would be a quick fix for the problem as people would probably get out and catch new bosses like Dragonite and Feraligatr and Gyarados and the like if they appeared.

But soon enough, we’d be back here again, so I think a longer term fix is needed.

My idea? “Solo raid mode.”

Hear me out.

The concept here would be that there would be a separate option for tier 1-4 raids that designated you as a solo player. Here’s what would happen next after hitting the “solo” button:

  • No lobby waiting. Just jump right into the raid after picking your team
  • Each boss would be scaled down to a manageable level for an average solo player. You would be able to take on a Machamp or Tyranitar or Charizard by yourself if you type matched right and knew how to fight decently well.
  • The catch here, to make this not absurdly overpowered, is that there would be no capture attempt on a defeated boss. The tradeoff would be that in order to beat easier bosses solo, you don’t actually have a shot of taking them home.
  • So why would you do this? You would still get rewards. It would be a way to farm XP and items like TMs and rare candy and Golden Razzberries for standard raids. And, if you beat the boss, you would get X candy for that boss type. Maybe as much as 20, like from an egg hatch. So while you didn’t take home that Charizard, you got 1/6th of the way to building your own with a bunch of Charmander candy.
  • All Tier 1 and Tier 2 raids would be free. Tier 3 and 4 raids would cost a “solo raid pass” which you get daily and would be separate from a standard raid pass. The store could sell these at say, 50 coins each.

So, that’s my fix, a way to make these raids relevant, while keeping the current system in place in parallel at the same time. There may be potential issues here I’m overlooking, but whatever form this would take it would be better than the alternative which is just….a bunch of raids sitting around with zero people doing them. Let me know if you think that this might actually work. I certainly would utilize it, and I think a lot of other players would as well.


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