Mew and Mewnium Z will soon be impossible to acquire legitimately, for different reasons

October 1, 2017

Some upcoming changes and deadlines will soon make it impossible to acquire Mew or Mewnium Z by legit methods if you haven’t already.

Ah, Mew. The elusive, the mystical, and the rare legendary that we all once coveted when we thought it hid inside a truck by the S.S. Anne. Mew has been a difficult Pokemon to get ahold of without glitch exploitation or cheating for the longest time, and though you’ll still be able to acquire one from Pokemon Red and Blue’s glitchy program, soon, the only legit way to acquire Mew will disappear.

Serebii reports that Nintendo has announced it will end the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel in January of 2018, which allowed people to purchase games from the Wii Shop and play them on the Wii or Wii U, though any you’ve purchased already will remain on your console. This means the following games will no longer be available at all on current consoles:

  • Pokémon Rumble
  • My Pokémon Ranch
  • Pokémon Snap
  • Pokémon Puzzle League

Here’s the trouble: the only way to acquire a legit Mew was through My Pokemon Ranch. With the game going for good, you’ll have to rely either on a new distribution (likely, one of these days) or exploiting Pokemon Red and Blue to acquire the legendary. That’s not all, though.


Mewnium Z, the Z-Crystal that allowed you to use Mew’s Genesis Supernova move, is ending its distribution through Pokemon Bank after this coming Monday, October 2nd. Though they’ll likely have another distribution for this move at a later date for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you won’t be able to get it through Pokemon Bank anymore if you don’t do it before Monday.

So if you’re somehow a Mew fanatic and haven’t jumped on these opportunities to acquire a Mew and a Mewnium Z yet, better bust out the wallet and purchase My Pokemon Ranch (otherwise not worth your time) and Pokemon Bank (great for Pokemon collectors) to round out your legendary team soon!


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