Mewtwo Comes to Starbucks in Pokemon Go

September 21, 2017

Mewtwo is stopping at Starbucks for coffee and some high-stakes Pokemon battles. Earlier today, Pokemon Go sent out a wave of EX Raid Invites for Mewtwo Raids at various Starbucks locations around the United States.

EX Raids are a new feature for Pokemon Go that's still being tested by developers. While EX Raids largely function like a normal raid, players can only enter an EX Raid if they receive an invite. In order to get a EX Raid Invite, players needed to successfully beat a raid at a Starbucks gym sometime over the last few weeks.

Starbucks wasn't the only Pokemon Go sponsor to host a new set of EX Raids. Players also reported getting EX Raid Invites for battles at Sprint locations around the United States. This is the second time that Mewtwo has visited Sprint locations, following a massive set of raids last week.

EX Raids have also expanded into Europe and Asia, as Unibail Rodamco malls and Jio stops were also chosen to host the exclusive raids. Both Unibail Rodamco and Jio are also sponsors of Pokemon Go.

While the bulk of the upcoming EX Raids are taking place at sponsored gyms, invites were also sent out for several locations in Chester, England. Chester was the site of a major Pokemon Go live event, and the game added several new PokeStops and gyms at the city after receiving suggestions from attendees.

Although some fans might not be happy that Pokemon Go is focusing on sponsored locations for now, keep in mind that EX Raids are still in beta. Since Pokemon Go is rolling out EX Raids in Asia and Europe, it sounds like they're just about finished testing, meaning that everyone will have a chance to catch Mewtwo soon.


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