Pokemon Duel: A Helpful Status Effect Cheat Sheet

September 21, 2017

Pokemon Duel is complex and often times confusing. If you’re playing on a phone, things like status effects leave you confused as the text is small and robust and goes away quite quickly. Alas, Pokemon Duel does a pretty poor job reminding you of what these status effects do, and as a result you may find yourself in a situation where you think you’ve won a match, only to find you can’t Thundershock the broadside of a barn.

Thus, presented for your approval, a cheat-sheet of the Status Effects in Pokemon Duel.

Wait – This one is pretty self explanatory. If your Pokemon is hit with “Wait” they won’t be able to move until the “Wait” counter (it’s the little hand with a number in it) goes down.

Curse – Curse is a pretty dangerous effect if you combo it right. If a Pokemon has the ‘curse’ status, and is attacked, and loses – they are completely removed from the game.

Burn – Burn is pretty gnarly. If a Pokemon is burned, the smallest segment of their attack wheel is turned into a ‘miss’ *and* any attack they do manage to hit, will be reduced by ten.

Frozen – It’s exactly how it sounds. Your Pokemon is frozen. All attacks will miss. You can still move (which is odd) but will be unable to win any battle, since you’ll miss any attack you have.

Confusion – Confusion messes with your attack wheel. Essentially if you’re confused, after spinning, the wheel will move one segment over. Which seems pretty minor, but consider Pokemon’s attacks are often the biggest segment on the wheel, and misses are the smallest, so it’s likely a hit on a big segment of your board could flip over to a miss pretty easily.

Sleep – An asleep Pokemon can’t do anything but move. They can’t attack, use abilities, or anything super useful. To wake up a sleeping Pokemon, bring a friendly Pokemon over to it and tap / tag it.

Paralysis – Paralysis is a lot like Burn, except you don’t take the damage. The smallest segment of your attack wheel is turned into a ‘miss’ increasing the chances of a lost battle and being knocked out.

Poison – Attack damage is reduced by 20 points.

Noxious – Attack damage is reduced by 40.

There you have it. Know they enemy as they say. Many attacks inflict these statuses, and knowing how to cause – and avoid – them are of paramount importance on the road to Pokemon Duel Dominance.


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