Pokemon Duel: An Easy Way To Get Gold Coins The Game Doesn’t Tell You

September 21, 2017

Pokemon Duel, in addition to being shockingly addictive, adorable, and in possession of just about the most heart-pounding, fist-pumping, ear-pleasing battle music in the history of mobile gaming – has a pretty stingy economy…if you’re not paying attention.

The goal of Pokemon Duel is of course to upgrade your Pokemon via the fusion mechanic, to give them more EXP and ideally evolve them into adorable killing machines…or table top tokens – so you can win league matches against PVP opponents.

However, getting coins in regular PVP is sort of a pain in the Pikachu. Playing against real players you primarily get experience points and chests which contain various ingots and more Pokemon – and seemingly no gold.

You can play quests, but that’s occasionally slow going, too. It’s fun to rise up the ranks and score a few thousand gold for your trouble, but eventually quests run out. What do you do then?

You sell ingots (and Pokemon). Yes. You can sell the ingots you receive from packs, rewards, mission completion, and so on. I know the game does a very bad job of telling you…it’s almost like they’d rather you spend money on the game or something.

Thus, to sell ingots, all you have to do is go to the store tab in Pokemon Duel and hit the ‘exchange coins’ button on the bottom right. And bam. You can now sell ingots you don’t need, and even Pokemon you don’t need, for coins and glory. If you’re like me and didn’t notice this passed over mechanic, you’ll find yourself with nearly 50k gold by the time all is said and done – depending on what you’ve banked.

What this means is now you’ll be able to upgrade your Pokemon as you see fit, just a bit easier, and every unlocked loot crate with gold ingots is no longer a bummer, but instead a gold mine.


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