[Pokemon Go] Find Out Which Creatures Are Showing Up More After 29th Nest Migration

September 11, 2017
30th nest migration will take place in just a little under two weeks

The 30th nest migration is expected to go live inside 'Pokémon Go' soon

Right on schedule, another nest migration went live inside "Pokémon Go." And just like the many that have preceded it, this latest one is changing things quite significantly for more than a few players.

For those who may be new to the game or are unfamiliar with what nest migrations are, essentially, each one of these brings wide-ranging changes to which Pokémon pop up and where.

Given the seemingly random nature of nest migrations, the impact of one can vary greatly across numerous players.

Some players may benefit greatly from a nest migration, being given quick and easy access to coveted creatures that may otherwise be difficult to find. Other players may not be as fortunate, as they may lose sight of hard-to-find Pokémon and be saddled with unremarkable creatures.

The 29th nest migration is no different from the ones that came before it when it comes to the positive and negative reactions "Pokémon Go" players have had to it.

Getting the negative reactions out of the way first, some players over on r/TheSilphRoad Subreddit are unsurprisingly not too pleased to find that the nests in their areas are now occupied by Weedles. Weedles are relatively easy to spot in the wild, so having them nest nearby does not really help out players that much.

There are players who are happy to have more Squirtles showing up where they are, however.

Notably, some players have also reported that the nests in their areas have remained unchanged.

In any case, whether the effects of the 29th nest migration are proving to be good, bad or neutral for players, these will not be permanent.

The 30th nest migration is expected to go live in just a little under two weeks, and that will likely bring plenty of changes too.


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