‘Pokemon Go’ Gets A Surprise Update

September 13, 2017

Surprise! A new update is coming to Pokemon Go with little warning to trainers.

Pokemon Go began rolling out a new update (0.75.0 for Android devices) in Western Europe today without any sort of prior announcement or fuss. While surprise announcements aren't entirely unheard of in Pokemon Go, they're almost always patches for the previous update, designed solely to fix bugs. However, this new update hints at a couple of minor new features as well as fixes to several recent issues in the game.

Dataminers are already delving through the update's code to see if there are any surprises in store, but in the meantime, here's what we know about the game's upcoming update:

Two Minor New Features

The new update contains two minor new features that won't "change the game," but should improve the quality of play for players. First, Pokemon Go will start recording items earned from Raid Battles and gyms in the journal, so that players can keep track of what items they've recently earned. This is especially useful for Raid Rewards, since players previously only got a brief glimpse of their rewards before moving onto the Raid Boss capture screen.

The other new feature is a modification to the game's search function. Players can now search by "defender" and "Legendary" to further filter their search results. Searching by defender will make it easier for players to remotely feed Berries, while searching by Legendaries will make it easier for players to track their most powerful Pokemon.

Minor Bug Fixes

Like every update, the upcoming Pokemon Go version will also feature fixes to several small bugs. Most notably, this update will fix the issue that prevents certain image assets from loading into the game. This bug has been around for over a month and is mainly noticeable when scrolling through the Pokedex. However, the image bug also prevented some players from being able to participate in gym battles, although Pokemon Go fixed that issue last week.

The image fix will also take care of an issue affecting the different versions of Pikachu in the game. Players have noticed that Pikachu will occasionally either lose or switch the hats they wear in-game. This has alarmed players, as those cap-wearing Pikachu can't be caught in the wild except for during special events. The new update will return all hats to their Pikachu unscathed, presumably with some sort of hairpins to prevent them from falling off in the future.

As of right now, that's all the changes we know about. We'll update you if dataminers find any else.


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