‘Pokemon Go’ Green Screen Bug Wreaks Havoc On Raids

Pokemon Go has a new bug, and it's frustrating anyone who tries to participate in Raid Battles.

Earlier this week, players discovered a new bug that causes the game to freeze on a green screen after players defeat a Raid Boss. The glitch occurs after a player receives their rewards for beating a Raid Boss, but before they can enter into the Capture Screen for a chance to battle trainers.

The glitch also has some pretty big implications for Pokemon Go and its players. While it's possible to reset the game and re-access the Capture Screen, that trick only works if the Raid is still on the overworld map. If the Raid Timer expired while players were either in the Raid or resetting their game, they won't be able to re-enter the Capture Screen, thus robbing them of the chance to capture the Raid Boss.

Because of this new glitch, players should not enter a Raid when there's five minutes or less remaining on the Raid Timer.

Keep scrolling down to see how to "fix" the green screen bug and what players should look out for.

The Consequences Of Resetting

raid bug

As we mentioned previously, players can reset their game and re-enter the Capture Screen by tapping on the gym where the Raid took place. As long as the Raid is still active -- you can still see the Raid Boss on the top of the gym, or a medal standing in its place -- you should still be able to enter the Raid and automatically be taken back to the Raid Screen.

However, the glitch causes one other unintentional side effect. Upon re-entering the Raid and Capture Screen, the Raid Boss's CP will be identical to that of every other player who had to leave and re-enter the Raid. Players won't actually know what the Raid Boss's actual CP is until after they've captured the Pokemon. 

There is a way to figure out what the Raid Boss's actual CP is in advance. When a Raid Group defeats a Raid Boss, keep an eye out for its CP after it drops down to normal levels. That's what CP the Raid Boss will be once you capture it.

Show Up Early

raid timer

The biggest issue surrounding the bug is the fact that players can't "fix" it if the Raid's overworld timer runs out. Because of this, it's highly recommended that players get to Raids as soon as possible, and schedule their raid groups accordingly. 

That might be a bit frustrating to hear for those who don't have an active Pokemon Go community in their city or town, but the only way to prevent this bug from impacting your Raid experience is to ensure that you have enough time to complete the Raid, exit the game, and then re-enter the Raid with time remaining.

This is a pretty bad bug, so we're hoping Niantic takes action and fixes it before the weekend is over. 


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