Pokemon Go: How to Play in Landscape Mode

For those that go all out for their Pokemon GO experience, learning new ways to play can make the hunt all the more enjoyable. Whether it's a casual paced walk around the neighborhood, or if you'd rather "catch 'em all" by bike, there's an alternate way to play that trainers may not be aware of on their mobile devices.

For iOS users, there's a neat trick to play Pokemon GO in Landscape mode, versus the traditional vertical play style. The glitch to make this possible was first found by mistake by one Redditor, but since has been replicated by many players of this addictive mobile game. Interested in playing with a wider scope of view? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Pokemon Go while holding the device sideways
  2. Open the menu via the Pokeball icon, then select Settings in the top-left corner
  3. Select "Report High-Priority Issue", select yes
  4. This will trigger the Safari app to open
  5. Hit the Home button, then re-select Pokemon Go

Once back into the program, it will automatically load back up but in full Landscape mode. Android users aren't left out in the dust either, but does require a secondary app to do so. Simply go into the Play Store and download a free app called "Set Orientation" by Eyes-Free Project. Most Android users have used it with no issue, though some Tablet players have said that it is a hit or miss.

By playing the game in Landscape mode, there are new opportunities to "cheat" the system to increase chances of catching those trickier Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is currently free to play on Android and iOS devices. For other Pokemon GO craziness, did you hear about the guy that used the mobile game as an alibi against Kidnapping charges!? It's crazier than it sounds, catch up on the latest in Pokemon GO right here.


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