Pokemon Go Improves Raids With a Simple Fix

September 18, 2017

Niantic has pushed a simple quality-of-life fix for Pokemon Go that’s already improved the current raid system.

The fix is definitely a small one, but considering that it seems to be a fast response to the players’ complaints, the timely solution is a welcome resolution from Niantic. Player complained about a visual bug that was affecting the quality of their raids within community discussions on Reddit and likely through the Niantic support accounts, so the fix at least appears to be user-driven.

Pokemon Go’s latest bugfix won’t be helping you catch anything better or help you emerge victorious from the raids, but you’ll definitely notice raids being a bit less frustrating with this recent fix.

The Visual Bug

Pokemon Go Raid Bug
(Photo: TheBlackTalon via Reddit)

Initially brought up as a minor issue on Reddit, the fix from Niantic was directed towards what appeared to be a visual bug involving raids.

When using the nearby function where Trainers can see Pokemon and raids in the area, players could select a raid to pop a marker on it so that they could keep track of it. Ideally, the marker would be on top of the raid, but a visual bug was planting the indicator right in the middle of the raid’s countdown.

It wasn’t a very impactful bug, but plenty of players agreed that it was annoying to say the least.

The Solution

Pokemon Go Raid Bug Fix
(Photo: TheBlackTalon via Reddit)

It appears that the visual bug caught the attention of Niantic after players brought it up seeing how the issue has now been resolved after a quick solution.

In another post on Reddit from the same user who initially reported the frustrating marker, the marker for raids selected from the nearby feature now appears above the raid. This allows for clear viewing of the raid countdown while also using the tracking feature to keep up with which raid you want to target next, a simple, quality improvement to the raid system.

The user posted another screenshot of their game, shown above, to show that the marker was scooted up just a bit. Some players are reporting that they haven’t seen the bugfix yet, but many are saying that it’s being resolved.

A Quick Fix From Niantic

raid battles

The solution from Niantic definitely doesn’t seem like it’s a complicated one, but considering how quick it came, it’s a perfect bugfix for the community to see and appreciate.

It was an especially short time between the two Reddit posts from the one user that the bug was apparently fixed in as well. From the time the first post was made to the follow-up report on the solution, only around 3 days passed, a pretty quick turnaround for Niantic for something that wasn’t gamebreaking.

The bug very well could’ve been on Niantic’s radar prior to the community discussions thanks to support tickets submitted by players, but the fact that Trainers see it being resolved so quickly is the part that really matters.


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