[Pokemon Go] Mewtwo Raid Boss Details (Counters, Catch Rates, IVs)

September 7, 2017

Mewtwo is one of the Legendary Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. It is not soloable (did you expect anything else?) and it is unknown how many trainers are required to take it down. Mewtwo is a pure PSYCHIC type, resulting in a number of solid counters and second team choices.

Mewtwo Boss CP is 49430 and it can have Max Capture CP of 2275 (Level 20, perfect IV score).

Mewtwo Raid Counters

TyranitarBite DARKCrunch DARK
Stone EdgeROCK
MewtwoConfusionPSYCHICShadow BallGHOST
HoundoomSnarl DARKFoul PlayDARK
ScizorFury CutterBUGX-ScissorBUG
GyaradosBiteDARKCrunch DARK
Hydro PumpWATER
PinsirFury CutterBUGX-ScissorBUG
GengarShadow ClawGHOSTShadow BallGHOST

Mewtwo Raid Counters Explained

The best Pokemon to fight Mewtwo is Tyranitar with incredibly strong DARK type moves, resistance to Psychic and elite stats. However, Mewtwo can have three Focus Blast FIGHTING (140 PWR) as it’s charge move, which will deal devastating lethal damage to a Tyranitar if it’s hit.

Dodging is not only recommended, it’s almost mandatory.

The rest of the counters are rather straightforward, utilizing Mewtwo’s type weaknesses. Be aware that almost every non-Tyrantiar counter on this list is rather squishy – dodge, dodge and then dodge some more to deal the maximum amount of damage.

A special note needs to be said about a Mewtwo fighting another Mewtwo, as this is a fight fire with fire scenario. In order for this to work, you need to use a Shadow Ball Mewtwo, utilizing SE damage and dodging everything the opponent does.

This is a special case and we don’t expect it to happen often, but if you have a SB Mewtwo at your disposal – use it.

Additional Mewtwo Counters

In all honesty, we don’t want to list a lot of additional counters. This is Mewtwo. The one and only, the legend. Use the best Pokemon at your disposal, make sure to fill your team with the best of the best.

We can recommend a few additional attackers:

Mewtwo Capture Chance

Mewtwo’s base capture rate is 6%, which results in a high capture chances for all other throw and berry combinations. Mewtwo’s high capture rate is due to it being available only via the EX Raid system.

Mewtwo catch percentages

No Berry


Razz Berry


Golden Razz Berry



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