[Pokemon Go] More And More Mewtwo Raids Are Popping Up In ‘Pokémon GO’

September 12, 2017

A few days in, it would seem that Mewtwo is continuing its slow entry into the world of Pokémon GO. First only available to people at the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama Japan, the creature has now been made available to a select group of players picked to test the new EX Raid feature. I've heard reports of raids in San Francisco, Bellevue Washington, New York City, several in Japan, and more, with many happening over the weekend. It still seems to be a minuscule subset of the Pokémonning public overall, but Niantic is currently putting the new feature through a testing phase before rolling it out for the broader player base. This reporter has yet to receive one of the coveted tickets, but here's hoping.

So far, the experience appears somewhat tailored. Gyms in Pokémon GO are everywhere, but most of the ones that people have seen so far appear to be located in parks, which could theoretically avoid cramming 40 people onto a sidewalk, though that still happens with normal Legendary Raids. That sounds about right, mostly because this can be accomplished algorithmically: Pokémon GO knows what parks are, as denoted by green areas on your map. Some, however, don't seem to be located in official parks, just large meeting areas, which might mean that these first locations have been specifically chosen by humans rather than machines. A post on Silph Road described the experience at New York City's Columbus Circle with a fun detail: the area around the gym had actually been closed off for a protest, but police were letting trainers through who were able to show that they had an invitation. Which is pretty great, when you think about it.

Most reports talk about very well-attended Raids, which isn't surprising given the circumstances. It's unclear what the selection process is right now, but there is likely a bit of random action that trends towards the more experienced players, similar to the way that Niantic rolled out the initial Raids with high-level trainers first. You do seem to have to have recently completed a Raid at the gym, however, which is a slick little way to sell extra Raid Passes, at least until people get too annoyed.

As with the first Legendaries, the real test here will be how well things pan out a few weeks after things have gone live. There's bound to be a lot of excitement among top-level players trying out new Raids, but we'll see if the EX system can keep summoning sufficient crowds once people already have their Mewtwos. I can barely summon enough folks for a Raikou raid right now unless I'm in Center City right after work or on a weekend, and that's likely to get worse as the month goes on. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to test out Mewtwo soon.


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