‘Pokémon GO:’ More EX Raid Passes Going Out For Mewtwo Raids At New Locations

September 21, 2017

A Starbucks sign is seen at one of their stores (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

If you didn't get a chance to capture Mewtwo in Pokémon GO last weekend, you might -- might -- be getting another chance soon. There is apparently another wave of invites going out this weekend, though the actual scope remains a bit hard to figure out. EX Raids are given out randomly to players that have performed a Raid at the given Gym in the past few weeks, and right now an individual EX Raid appears to be capped at 40 players. So that's a whole lot of people hanging around on the sidewalk staring at their phones, but not perhaps a totally unmanageable amount.

At the moment, we still seem to be seeing a heavy focus on sponsored stops, presumably in an effort to give those sponsors a little more return on their reportedly high-priced contracts. Last week, it was all about Sprint, but now things seemed to have expanded to Starbucks, which multiple users are reporting seeing on their EX Raids. Very early on the EX Raids appeared to be held mostly in parks or natural meeting spaces, but the current trend towards sponsored stops suggests that that sort of thing won't be a priority going forward. It's worth mentioning that the original Raids followed a similar pattern by first appearing at sponsored stops before expanding to all other gyms, and so it's entirely possible that EX Raids will do the same.

Philadelphia saw its first EX Raid the other day, and by all accounts, it was a good time. At least, of course, for those that the game allowed to attend. EX Raids are exclusive by their very nature, and so far the whole thing is leaving players like me a little salty about having to know everyone else is out there getting a Mewtwo while we're just out there hatching eggs. For me, the whole thing is somewhat compounded that EX Raids aren't exactly making me excited about playing: leaving some people on the outside goes against the generally inclusive and open parts of Pokémon GO that I like the most. We should remember, f course, that this is all a Beta test, and things may well change before the feature is officially rolled out. Though if this is, in fact, a Beta, one wonders why there are no official feedback forums.

Hopefully, I'll get my invite soon, but I'm not holding my breath. The upcoming Equinox Event will give me an opportunity to get out there and walk around, so that's always nice.


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