‘Pokémon GO’ News: Niantic Labs Adds the Best Item Players Could Hope for in Equinox Event

September 27, 2017

"Pokémon GO" is celebrating the season change by making available one of the most important items that gamers have always wanted to see in the game.

For the Equinox Event, Niantic Labs has released the Super Incubator, which provides the quickest way for players to hatch eggs. It is 1.5 times faster — by Slash Gear's estimates — than normal incubators.

By using this new "Pokémon GO" item, a typical 2 km egg hatches around 1.3 km while 5 km eggs can hatch in the 3.3 km mark. The 10 km eggs, on the other hand, break open around 6.6 km.

However, players can only use a single Super Incubator three times before it is removed from the inventory. Thankfully, more than one Super Incubator can be employed.

To get a Super Incubator in "Pokémon GO," players should purchase from the game's store one of three Limited Edition boxes, which come in the form of Special, Great and Ultra.

The Special box has three Super Incubators along with five Lure Modules for 480 coins. The Great box includes five Super Incubators and double the amount of Lure Modules in the Special version and throws in four Lucky Eggs for the price of 980 coins. The Ultra box offers up eight Super Incubators plus 15 Lure Modules and eight Lucky Eggs for 1,480 coins.

For the special event, "Pokémon GO" will also make hatchable in 2km eggs Pokémon that are not usually available in this type of eggs, which makes the Super Incubator an even sweeter deal. 

This includes Common types like Chinchou, Pineco, Porygon, Remoraid, Slowpoke and Slugma as well as Uncommon ones like Larvitar, Magikarp, Mareep, Nidoran, Pichu, Oddish and Zubat.

The "Pokémon GO" Equinox Event will also feature in 2 km eggs Rare ones like Dratini, Miltank, Skarmory, Sudowudo and Togepi as well as Ultra-rares like Chansey, Snorlax and Tyrogue.

The Super Incubator is not expected to stick around after the Equinox Event, which runs up to Oct. 2, although it is being said that Niantic might bring it back to "Pokémon GO" some time in the future.


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