Pokemon GO Players Discover New Double Bounce Throw

September 27, 2017

Players of the popular Pokemon GO mobile game have discovered a new Poke Ball throwing technique that doesn’t really do anything special.

The idea is to throw the Poke Ball and have it bounce off a Pokemon twice before catching it. It doesn’t increase the odds of catching it and it isn’t a technique required to catch anything rare. It’s all style and no substance, but that hasn’t stopped Pokemon GO players from trying to replicate it.

Pokemon GO raid boss capture theory

The key to perfecting the double bounce is throwing a curveball at a Pokemon as it’s attacking. The spin of the Poke Ball will cause it to bounce off the Pokemon and into the air. It will then come back down, hit the Pokemon once more, and capture it.

The double bounce isn’t as easy as it sounds and requires accurate timing. The technique has been rumored to be possible for a while, but many players didn’t believe it existed due to lack of sufficient evidence. However, the double bounce was captured on video and posted to YouTube recently by user Ron Fox. The footage is even slowed down at one part so viewers can see exactly what’s happening during the technique. From the looks of it, the technique is as described.

Again, the double bounce does absolutely nothing and is purely for show. If rewards are more your speed, then perhaps engaging in the ongoing Pokemon GO Equinox Event might be the ticket. During the event, players have opportunities to hatch rare Pokemon from special 2 km eggs earned at PokeStops and Gyms. The eggs will hatch Pokemon that range from common, like Slowpoke, to very rare, like a Snorlax.

If a player registers one of these new Pokemon to their Pokedex, they will earn triple the normal XP. This makes earning and hatching eggs a large part of the event. Fortunately, for those who want to speed the process up a bit, Niantic is offering three special event boxes to players willing to fork over the dough. Each box will contain a number of Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, and all-new Super Incubators. These new incubators will hatch Pokemon at 1.5 times the normal rate and can be a big help during the event.


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