[Pokemon Go] Pokemon GO Adjusts Auto Pick for Raid Battles

September 11, 2017
Raiding in Pokemon GO is a feature that has managed to breathe new life into the incredibly popular title, bringing a large portion of the playerbase together again, in order to take on and capture powerful Pokemon. While raids are a fun way to team up with fellow players and friends, one particularly annoying issue used to see the game auto-picking a team composition that is far from optimal – something that Niantic has just quietly fixed.

Originally, Pokemon GO would assemble what the game believed to be the best team possible to take on the raid boss, but its formula always seemed a little off. The app would prioritize Pokemon with high stamina and a large health pool, such as the Normal-Type Chansey, which were often ineffectual in a raid battle, despite being able to take a few hits.


Now a new update to the formula might just have sorted the issue, providing players with a far more optimal line-up in the auto-pick suggestions. The new selection will display Pokemon that have a type advantage or resistance to the raid boss, meaning that Chansey usage will likely reduce across the board. It’s still not a completely optimal system however, as the auto-select does not take the Pokemon’s actual attacks into account.

For example, the game might select a Magcargo as an optimal counter for the new legendary Pokemon Entei, as the Lava Pokemon’s typing will allow for double resistance and a strong defense. However, to do this, the mobile Pokemon game might pass over a powerful attacker like Vaporeon which would have been far superior in damage dealt.

It’s not a perfect solution but it’s a start, and seeing as Pokemon GO has a range of other issues it needs to work on, we’re glad to see that Niantic is making an effort to implement quality of life fixes. Right now, players everywhere seem to be have a range of complaints regarding how the long-awaited legendary Pokemon were handled and we’ll have to wait and see what the developer does, if anything, in terms of response.


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