‘Pokemon Go’ Throws Special Event In Japan

Japan is getting another exclusive Pokemon Go event. Niantic announced today that Mr. Mime and Unown will spawn at the Tottori Sand Dunes for three days in November.

Typically, Mr. Mime only spawns in Europe, although Pokemon Go has used Mr. Mime as a perk for players to visit various live events this summer. While Unown isn't exclusive to Japan, they're generally rare and have a ton of variant forms. If we had to guess, we'd bet that Unown that spell out "Tottori" will appear in mass quantities during the event.

While the event will feature several special Pokemon spawns, the announcement doesn't mention anything about exclusive Raids. So, players who can't visit Japan during November shouldn't be worried that they might miss out on the first chance to catch a new Legendary Pokemon or some sort of other surprise.

The purpose of the event is to encourage people to visit the sand dunes, which are a unique natural area in Japan. Pokemon Go has worked with various regional governments to host mini-events to encourage tourism in various areas. Previous events included mass spawns of Snorlax and Lapras to encourage players to visit areas previously affected by devastating natural disasters.

The Tottori Sand Dunes are the only sand dunes found in Japan, caused by a unique confluence of sediment being pushed out into the Sea of Japan by the Sendai River and then being pushed back into shore by sea currents. The dunes are massive but have recently shrunk in size due to the construction of sea walls to stop tsunamis from wrecking the coast.

The Tottori Sand Dune event will take place from November 23rd to November 25th.


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