[Pokemon Gold and Silver] Hall of Fame unterminated box SRAM glitch

This glitch was discovered by my friend Sally, as well as a technique to bring over stored Pokémon from the previous save file.

It has only been tested on English Gold so far, but likely works on English Silver as well. According to Sally it does not work in Crystal.

When you erase your save data with Up+Select+B and go through the entire game without saving, the game fails to create a properly terminated box for boxes other than box 1 (filled with just 00 bytes).

Using this we can use move PkMn without mail to move one Pokémon into the top slot of box 2 and then a second Pokémon to the second slot of box 2.

This should corrupt the first Pokémon in the box to become a hybrid of the original Pokémon and a ????? 00. The hybrid can be taken into the Day Care and out to become a stable ????? 00, which can be used to set up ????? party overloading http://glitchcity.info/wiki/%3F%3F%3F...

In this video we use the party based Celebi Egg glitch to obtain Celebi. The method we use is the 'classic' method involving two Level 57 Sneasel with Beat Up and their Egg.

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