Pokemon Sun and Moon: Hoenn Cap Pikachu Now Available With A Code

The Pokemon Sun and Moon promotional event celebrating the new, upcoming Pokemon movie is still ongoing, and the next phase has begun. For the release of Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, Nintendo has been distributing redeemable codes for Pokemon Sun and Moon that gift players a Pikachu wearing a hat representing different regions of the game. The event has recently moved into its second phase, which means the Hoenn Cap Pikachu is currently up for grabs.

The previous cap, which was Ash’s original, is gone and can’t be claimed anymore. The Hoenn cap will be available from September 26 to October 2, then the Sinnoh cap will take its place. To receive an Ash Hat Pikachu,players will need to enter their games and select Mystery Gift. From there, they can enter the code PIKACHU20 to receive their Hoenn Pikachu.

pokemon sun moon ash hat pikachu

There are six variants that will be made available, one by one, until the event officially ends on October 30 with the Alola Cap. While collecting all the caps would be ideal, be warned that only one special Pikachu can be claimed per account, so choose wisely.

This event seems directly inspired by previous events in Pokemon GO. During the holidays, players received a Christmas Hat Pikachu as a special gift, and for the Pokemon GO first anniversary they received the original Ash Hat Pikachu. The major difference is that players had to catch this unique Pikachu in Pokemon GO.

There is also currently another promotional campaign going on in Pokemon Sun and Moon that will net players a free mythical Pokemon. Pokemon Goldand Silver have recently released on the 3DS eShop, and those who decide to purchase either game will receive a code that is redeemable through the same methods stated above. If done correctly, players will receive a free Celebi that is level 30 and waiting for them at the Pokemon Center.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available now on Nintendo 2DS and 3DS devices.


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