‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Anime To See Ash Battle Misty & Brock

Pokemon’s latest anime riled up plenty of attention recently with the return of Misty and Brock, but the series isn’t done yet. Sun & Moon will return with yet another episode featuring the two trainers, and Ash Ketchum will challenge them to a gym battle.

The episode preview for Pokemon: Sun & Moon’s next episode is out, and the clip features plenty of action-packed footage. The preview begins with Ash as he and Pikachu walk into an emptied gym. Brock is then seen summoning Steelix, and the animation is enough to make any Pokemon diehard tear up.

As the preview continues, Misty is seen bringing out Psyduck, but the creature doesn’t look too pleased about being summoned. Ash is also seen on the sidelines as he cheers on Brock’s match, but it looks like he will get a chance to go up against Misty once again.

The preview ends with Misty calling out another Pokemon, and the scene then switches to Pikachu landing a head-butt on Gyarados. Ash is seen giving directions to Pikachu before Misty comes back onto the screen with raining pouring down on her in the gym. However, Ash doesn’t look perturbed by the rain when he’s shown for a final time. The trainer simply readjusts his hat and gives a smile.

Of course, fans will remember that Ash and Misty have battled before. The original Pokemon series saw the young boy face Misty as she was in-charge of the Cerulean City gym. The pair also engaged in skirmishes during their travels and at various tournaments. Their impending gym battle will be the first the pair have engaged in during Pokemon: Sun & Moon.

If you are not familiar with the new Pokemon series, you have time to catch up on the anime. The show follows Ash as he enters Alola, an undiscovered region within the franchise. The trainer enrolls in the Pokemon School at Melemele Island with Pikachu, and he takes on a challenge to gather enough Z-Crystals to qualify himself as a vetted Z-Move user.


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