Pokémon TCG Sun and Moon: Crimson Invasion to launch in November

Crimson Invasion is the latest and last expansion of the year for Pokémon TCG: Sun and Moon, launching across the UK on November 3! Crimson Invasion brings fresh faces to the Alola region, Ultra Beasts make their debut, and welcomes a bunch of new Pokémon GX cards.

Features of the Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion expansion include:

  • Over 110 cards: Including 8 Pokémon-GX and 3 full-art Supporter cards
  • Pokémon TCG debut: Nihilego, Buzzwole, Kartana, Guzzlord, Type: Null, and Silvally, plus Supporter cards Lusamine and Gladion, appear for the first time
  • More Alolan Pokémon: Alolan Exeggutor and Alolan Marowak make an appearance
  • Two theme decks: 60-card preconstructed decks, Destruction Fang and Clanging Thunderallow players to get straight into the action
  • Booster packs: Each pack contains 10 cards selected from the expansion, plus a basic Energy card

The decisive battle for control of the Alola region is close at hand with the arrival of crimson-tinged Pokémon-GX on the islands. Will Silvally-GX and the other allies of Alola save the day, or will the Ultra Beasts Nihilego-GX, Buzzwole-GX, Kartana-GX, and Guzzlord-GX seize control?

For the opportunity to try out Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion ahead of launch, head to one of the many pre-release tournaments taking place across the country. For your nearest participating independent retailer, visit www.pokemon.co.uk/locator

For more information about the Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion expansion, please visit www.pokemon.co.uk.


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