There’s One Major Problem With Pokémon GO’s Egg-Based Equinox Event

September 27, 2017

Pokémon GO is in the middle of its Equinox Event, its first truly global event in months, which offers double Stardust rewards and valuable Pokémon hatching from special 2 km eggs.

This is not the first time we’ve had a special egg-based event with unusual hatches, but here we’re seeing a problem that usually crops up when these kinds of events occur in Pokémon GO. For whatever reason, even with special eggs as a key part of the event, it does not seem like Niantic adjusts their drop rates accordingly.

Players already have to get past the obstacle of a full or nearly full collection of eggs they already have going into the event, considering you cannot delete eggs from your stash without hatching them. But after that? Then the hunt is on to even find the special eggs being given out, and that often proves challenging.

In this event, players are reporting that they’re getting just as many 5 km or 10 km eggs as ever, if not more so, grabbing only a scarce handful of the new 2 km eggs.

This makes no sense to me both from a logistics perspective, but also from a financial perspective as Niantic is trying to maximize revenue from events like these.

Logic would dictate that Niantic should make 90-100% of the eggs that drop from PokeStops during event like these the 2 km event eggs. This allows players to get a hold of the event eggs that are the core part of the event easily, and it sets up a situation where players will potentially be buying a lot of incubators to hatch all the eggs they get.


Part of this Equinox event is a new Super Incubator that hatches eggs at 1.5x speed. But the fact is that both Super Incubators and regular Incubators are spent more quickly when hatching 2 km eggs, because the distance is anywhere from 40% to 20% of the 5 and 10 km eggs.

Flooding the game with special 2 km eggs, at least temporarily, is a recipe for players to get all the special Pokémon they’re looking for, and it’s a chance for Niantic to sell way more incubators than normal because players will be chewing through them with these lower distance eggs.

Simply replacing existing 2 km eggs with special 2 km eggs and leaving the drop rates the same makes little sense. There’s nothing more frustrating for a player during an event like this is when they just want a special 2 km egg to try and quickly hatch a Dratini or Larvitar or Mareep, but they just keep getting 5 km and 10 km eggs that they cannot get rid of unless they hatch those as well. I suppose that’s a different way to get people to buy more incubators, to clear out the crap they don’t want from their egg pool, but it’s more frustrating for players and I genuinely think they’ll end up selling way less incubators that way, just because of the distance issue.

This seems like a pretty easy fix to me, but we’ve had a few events like this now where this always seems to be an issue. And now with the introduction of Super Incubators, this makes even less sense.

Overall, I think the Equinox event is great, but this is one issue that remains confounding, given how simple the solution would seem to be.


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