We Made a Golden Pikachu Coaster Using Traditional Japanese Techniques

October 2, 2017

We are sure that everybody visiting this site has seen a Pikachu at some point in their lives, and you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t like the lovable electric Pokemon.

Pikachu loves trying out different things, and at the Pokemon Center in Kyoto you can find exclusive items with special Pikachu that are associated with the ancient capital.

The male Pikachu is a court noble from the ancient Heian period and the female Pikachu is a maiko (a type of Geisha). They are both extremely beautiful and usually only available at Pokemon Center Kyoto.

At Kyomaf2017, we were able to take part in a special silkscreening experience where we could make a one-of-a-kind Pikachu coaster!

The experience was being provided by Banba Senkogyo Co. Ltd, which specialises in traditional Japanese silkscreening techniques.

First of all we could choose a design and coloir that we wanted to use. We chose a Maiko design with light gold ink.

Then, we sat down while the expert prepared the coaster and stencil.

She showed us the movements we would need to do print the ink onto the fabric

In the next step, the expert mixed up the beautiful golden ink that we would be using.

Then the only thing left to do was swoop the ink down the stencil. How satisfying!

The image came out really nicely. Good job!

The only thing left to do was to dry it…with a hairdryer!

This is final product. Isn’t it beautiful? Not only is this a beautiful design only available in Kyoto, it is handmade by MANGA.TOKYO- so it’s the only one of it’s kind!

If you would love to get your hands on this pretty piece of art then keep your eyes peeled as a little birdie tells us it will find itself in a giveaway sometime soon.


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